Tarkarli is a calm and relaxing homestead in Sindhudurg district, Malvan, Maharashtra. Tarkarli Beach is one such place that can calm your mind and uplift your soul. The harmony and serenity that exist in the region is a unique experience in many ways.

Tarkarli Beach in the Konkan Coastal lines is a stunning place for the beach lovers. The beach is known for its white sand, long coastlines, and pristine water. It is arguably one of the most striking beaches in Maharashtra. The crystal clear sea water offers you a picturesque view of seabed up to 15 ft. on bright sunny day.

When it comes to things to do in Tarkarli Beach, the list just keeps on adding up. There is fun, and excitement just never seems to end at one of the most beautiful beaches of Maharashtra:

Things to enjoy at Tarkarli Beach


At Tarkarli one can dive deep to witness a spellbinding, magical and mystical world of marine life. If dying to experience the marine life of Arabic Sea, you must plan a trip to this charming beach as quickly as possible.

Tarkarli’s underwater life boasts of wide range of rare and mysterious aquatic life. Clearwater, pleasant and favorable waves, different kinds of coral reefs, the plenitude of exotic fishes and others make this homestead a must visit place for the marine life lovers. Also, due to shallow and clear waters, snorkeling is one of the must-do tasks in Tarkarli with family and friends.

Visit Tarkarli and indulge in snorkeling with your family and friends! Dive in into its charismatic marine world to witness its enchanting beauty.

Scuba Diving

Unreel the baffling mysteries of the oceans. Peek into mystical, exhilarating aquatic life. Amaze yourself by diving into the awesome world that is home to millions of unique, vibrant and colorful fishes and corals.

Staying at Boat House

A new initiative that has slowly gained enormous popularity among the tourists. The backwaters of the Karli River provides an ideal spot to stay afloat in the cool, calm, and breezy environment. Attain complete peace of mind away from the gusting and bustling city life, making it a must-visit spot in Tarkarli.

The boat house offers complete luxurious lifestyle experience with almost all comforting amenities and facilities. Enjoy to fullest with your family or friends at Tarkarli Boat Housing.


Swaying trees, white beaches, crystal clear water, cliffs and expansive picturesque view add to the already astonishing experience of elevating high in the sky. Try parasailing at Tarkarli- fly high up in the blue sky, piercing through the wind extend thrill and adventure by ten folds. Witness the mesmerizing beauty of the Arabian Sea and Konkan Coastline with a birds view.

Sightseeing Places

If you wish to wander around Tarkarli Beach and visit places, witness scenic locales of Tarkali visit the places mentioned below. Here are some of the must-visit places to make your trip more memorable,

Holy Places

Visit following holy places to pray and immerse yourself in the celebration of faith

  • Mahapurush
  • Khalcha Mahapurush
  • Vitthal


If interested to peek into the rich and ancient history of Malvan, you must visit Sindhudurg fort, a symbol of true valor of Maratha Empire. One of the marvels of Maratha Empire, one of the captivating sea-forts built by Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1656 to protect the people of its kingdom.

Wildlife Spotting

Located around 1,200 m above the sea-level within nerve-racking mountains, and treasured by thick and evergreen trees, Bison National Park has retained its untouched beauty in the most alluring ways. In this park, you can easily spot bison, wild deer, cheetah, and several others. Bird watchers can also spend amazing time spotting a wide range of avifauna.

Dolphin Spotting

Spot the lively, sparkling and loveable dolphins in the gushing waters of Tarkarli. Several beaches near Tarkarli, one can easily spot these delightful creatures. Amusing climate, gentle waves and free flowing breeze due to less human intervention have favored the huge dolphin population.

Visit these sandy retreats in Tarkarli on a bright sunny day, take a boat ride and make it to the spots where these lively creatures love to swim in the deep sea, make sure you are all set to capture them on your lenses and make your dolphin voyage highly exciting and unforgettable!