Kashid is a small town located around 30km from Alibaug. Due to its natural beauty and a wonderful beach stretch, it has gained much popularity as a tourist destination. To add to this, the location of Kashid gives it the proximity to many other tourist destinations around. Hence the small town of Kashid is now known as the beach town.

Geographically Kashid is a part of the Konkan stretch and a proud owner of a 3km coastline of the Arabian sea. The beauty of the beach is enhanced by the two rocky hillocks that adorn the shore. The beach is quiet and calm with clear waters. Kashid is blessed with the beauty of other natural features as well. Nature with the velvet greens, flowing streams and small rivulets decorate the town and hence it feels pleasant even other than the beach.

The other private resorts that are springing up in Kashid provide variety of accommodations as per one’s budget. However, like any other beach town, the weekend bookings seem to be reserved much in advance.

One more beautiful place for nature lovers is the Phansad Abhay Aranya (Forest)sanctuary located around 3 kms from Kashid. It is adorned by the beauty of its flora and fauna. History lovers can visit the famous Nawab palace which is also a tourist attraction.

Access- Easy access from several places is the highlight of Kashid that has made it the most sought after destination by tourists. It is easy to reach this place from Alibaug, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Konkan as well. Hence weekends here witness huge tourist gatherings. The routes and distances from major places can be given as follows:

From Mumbai– Around 160km from the Khopoli exit

From Pune– Around 170km. You can take the road via Mulshi or the other route is Pune-Pune-Mumbai expressway- Khopoli exit-Pen-Alibag road-Murud/Revdanda road-Kashid

From Navi Mumbai– 110 km

From Alibaug– 30km

Nearby places– Kashid provides a lot of options for visiting other tourist attractions that are quite close by. The Murud beach just a few kms away is known for its own beauty. Janjira, the unconquered sea fort is near to Murud. You can reach there by the ferry boats. you have the Birla temple and the Ganesh temple that are famous tourist attractions.